14 de diciembre de 2007

...::Surtido Pedido XII::...

Últimamente me han llegado pedidos dificiles de cumplir, y sí hay algunos que no he podido concretar pero este viernes llegue con 3 albumes, y que me costo encontrar ojala, sigan haciendo sus pedidos y será hasta el próximo viernes.

Guns N' Roses
Unwanted Illusions (1992)

1. Crash Diet
2. Bring it Back Home
3. Sentimental Movie [Duff 'n' Slash on vocals]
4. Just Another Sunday
5. Instrumental Blues Jam [A.K.A. 'Axl's Blues']
6. It Tastes Good, Don't It?
7. Too Fast to Live [Instrumental][Slash Solo]
8. It's So Easy [Duff on Vocals]
9. Scrap Bar Daze [Intro to 'Yesterdays']
10. Booze Party [Intro to Acoustic 'Move to the City']
11. Jumping Jack Flash [Studio Demo]
12. Jumping Jack Flash ['Hellhouse' Rehearsal]
13. Jumping Jack Flash [Acoustic Demo]
14. Heartbreak Hotel ['Hellhouse' Rehearsal]

Enlace de descarga (Megaupload)

10 Years
Killing All That Holds You (2004)

1. Wasteland
2. Through the Iris
3. Seven
4. R.E.S.T
5. Blank Shell
6. At A Loss
7. Silhouette of a Life
8. All White
9. Magna-Phi
10. Frailty
11. Wasteland (live acoustic)
12. Through the Iris (live acoustic)
13. Shelter (live acoustic)
14. Insects (live acoustic)

10 Years
The Autumn Effect(2005)

1. Waking Up
2. Fault Line
3. The Recipe
4. Cast It Out
5. Wasteland
6. Seasons To Cycles
7. Half Life
8. Through The Iris
9. Empires
10. Prey
11. Insecsts
12. Paralyzing Kings
13. The Autumn Effect

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