18 de mayo de 2008

† Viking Metal †

Father Of Victory (2008)

01. The Forlorn Knight
02. The Purest Breed
03. Sleipnir
04. What Glory Remains
05. Dawn in Tir Na N'
06. The Will Of Odin
07. Father Of Victor
08. Charles Martel
09. Wallachian Warlord
10. The Iron Wolf
11. Heroes In The Sky
12. Carmina Bellica

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Heraldum - The Fireblade (2005)

01 - Heathen Foray
02 - ...of Forest Unknown...
03 - Havamal
04 - Roman Land
05 - Heralder
06 - Laekmishendr
07 - Walkiesjar
08 - Skirnir

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Weltenkraft (2007)

01 - Des Waldes Macht
02 - Die Suche nach dem Licht
03 - Lauf der Welt
04 - Traumwald
05 - Spiegelscherben
06 - Von glorreichem Schmerz
07 - Rauschende Nächte
08 - Weinende Ruinen
09 - Weltenpilger
10 - Verlorene Seelen

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Ensiferum (2001)

01 - Intro
02 - Hero In A Dream
03 - Token Of Time
04 - Guardians Of Fate
05 - Old Man (Vainamoinen Part I)
06 - Little Dreamer (Vainamoinen Part II)
07 - Abandoned
08 - Windrider
09 - Treacherous Gods
10 - Eternal Wait
11 - Battle Song

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